Release Date: November 13, 2012
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3 Days of Normal (2012)
Bill Morgan (Jace McLean) is a small town sheriff whose self-imposed rules have kept him in Washington, New Hampshire for his entire life. A stickler for perfection and abiding by the rules, Bill’s singular ambition is to keep order for himself and those around him.

Everything changes when It-Girl movie starlet, Nikki Gold (Mircea Monroe), who has escaped the bright lights and paparazzi of New Yo rk City, if only for a brief while, is found passed out in her rental car by none other than Bill Morgan -- who has absolutely no idea who she is. In an effort to avoid the chaos of yet another publicity scandal, Nikki embraces the anonymity for a few blissful days of normalcy.

Shot on location in New Hampshire against a picturesque, fall-colored backdrop, 3 Days of Normal follows Bill and Nikki during 3 magical days as they find themselves relying on one another to face their own personal challenges.
Genre: Comedy
Director: Ishai Setton
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