14 Apr 2009
New Flash Gordon Movie Will Take Longer Than Expected  :-(
Soon enough Breck Eisner will be under a lot of pressure as he tries to bring his version of Flash Gordon to the screen. But right now he apparently has a whole lot of time to prepare. JoBlo caught up with Eisner recently, and he told them a lot of details about the complex, somewhat ridiculous process of writing the script for a major Hollywood movie. "We broke story with the writers [Matt] Sazama and [Burk] Sharpless for the last five or six months or so. They went to draft just as we started shooting, and they're going to get to me a draft at wrap. I'll read it and do notes and we'll do a polish on that and give it to the studio a couple months from now. Hopefully the studio will like it and we'll go forward. It's a big movie and the studio has got to love the script." Translation: Don't hold your breath, kiddos. The project's not dead, but it'll be a long, long while before we have to start getting anxious about it. Share
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