15 Apr 2009
You Again, Kristen Bell?
If you know me, then you know I have a bit (ok, a lot) of a thing for Kristen Bell. Which means, against my better judgment, I'm at least marginally interested in Disney's You Again now that Kristen's been cast as the female lead. Directed by Race to Witch Mountain and The Game Plan's Andy Fickman, this'll be his first movie not starring The Rock and third for Disney. It'll be Bell's second for the studio after the romantic comedy When in Rome releases in August. In You Again, Bell stars as a young woman shocked to find out her brother is marrying the girl who made her high school years hell. She'll spend most of the movie trying to get her brother to dump his new fiancee because, well, what are siblings for if not breaking up marriages? Fellow Bell fans, I want to know: are you interested in You Again, or are you still holding out hope for that Veronica Mars movie that'll probably never happen? Share
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