15 Apr 2009
Rose Byrne Is Going To The Greek With Russell Brand
Speaking of Kristen Bell, my second favorite character from last summer's Forgetting Sarah Marshall is getting his very own spin-off in the upcoming Get Him to the Greek: Russell Brand's lothario rocker Aldous Snow. And according to Variety, Rose Byrne, Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss, and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs will be joining him and Jonah Hill. Written and directed by Marshall director Nicholas Stoller, the story follows a record company intern (Hill) as he attempts to drag the uncooperative Snow to a show at LA's Greek Theatre. Byrne, who last starred in the Nic Cage thriller Knowing, will play Snow's love interest, a scandal-plagued pop star in her own right along the lines of Courtney Love. Emily Blunt had previously been rumored for the role (then confirmed), but like her reported involvement in Iron Man 2, has apparently been forced to back out. Moss will play Hill's repressed girlfriend, while Combs will appear as his record company boss. Share
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