15 Apr 2009
Not So Fast: McG Says "Jury Still Out" On Arnold Terminator Cameo
Looks like Terry Crews was a little premature with his Arnold cameo confirmation last week, because director McG was forced to backtrack on those comments to MTV, saying "The jury is still out." After highly public back-and-forths with James Cameron and now Arnold, McG hasn't had an easy time of it with Terminator Salvation, even though most fans will agree it won't take much to do better than the popular franchise's pitiful last installment. It seems the current California Governor is still reluctant about a cameo though, McG calls it "a complicated, delicate balancing act" - even though some representation of Arnold's iconic T-800 figures prominently in the fourth film. Says the Salvation director, "This film is largely about Skynet collecting human tissue in the interest of creating lifelike tissue for the T-800, which is the Schwarzenegger character. And if you think about it, we had to go through a lot of lab rats to get to the polio vaccine. Skynet has to go through a lot of human beings to get to that realistic T-800. Kyle Reese always talks about the T-600 being easy to recognize — a rubber skin, prosthetic look. We've got two T-600s in the film, but it's [about] the coming of the T-800, which represents lifelike human flesh being grown in order to get to that level of proficiency." It's an interesting premise that's for sure, which means we'll just have to cross our fingers Arnold eventually gets on board - and soon. May 21st's coming up awfully fast...

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