16 Apr 2009
Green Lantern Gets Location, $150 Million
Following the unquestionable success of Nolan's Batman reboot, Green Lantern is the next DC hero in line for a big-screen treatment and, like the proposed (then scrapped) Justice League film before it, will reportedly be shooting in Australia. Hey, with an announced budget of $150 million, every tax rebate helps - and Australia's got plenty of 'em. Casino Royale's Mark Campbell is set to direct a script from TV veterans Greg Berlanti and Michael Green. There's still no confirmation whether the oft-rumored Chris Pine (Star Trek's new Captain Kirk) will take the lead role. With pre-production set to begin in July, filming will start as soon as November (so they'd better get moving on that casting huh?). Warner Bros is currently eying a December 2010 release date, but that's almost definitely subject to change if the studio decides they've got a hit summer movie on their hands. What do you think: are you excited for a Green Lantern movie, or could you care less about Hollywood's superhero gold rush? Share
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