16 Apr 2009
Eli Roth Wants To Make A Big-Budget Sci-Fi Blockbuster Next
Eli Roth may be best known for his low-budget horror, but it sounds like the Hostel director is eying a leap to blockbuster territory now that his role in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is done. He told MTV: "I don’t want to give away the title yet, because I have to make sure I own it 100%, but it’s going to be something that is really fun with lots of mass destruction. I wanted to do something along the lines of ‘Transformers’ or ‘Cloverfield’ that was a little more science fiction-based, and with lots of chaos and mass destruction." Without giving anything away, Roth also teased, "I don’t want to say what [the monster is] yet. Once it gets set up, I will let everyone know. It is not aliens or robots or a virus - it’s a little more grounded. But when people hear it they are going to be like ‘That is going to be insane!’." And if that doesn't sound exciting enough for you, maybe this will: Roth is also eying a feature-length version of his tongue-in-cheek Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving as a package deal. Roth plans to tack an extra three weeks onto the end of his sci-fi blockbuster shoot to allow him to make what he hopes will "the sickest, bloodiest, most violent slasher movie" on a $5 million budget. He plans to shop the two movies around as a pair, eying an $85 million budget for them both. I, for one, hopes he gets it - how about you? Share
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Mitchell B says at 19 Apr 2009, 4:49 am (EST):
Umm, yes please!!!