31 Mar 2009
Sherlock Holmes Trailer Released!
Robert Downey Jr. was on hand this morning at the State Of The Industry Update to introduce the brand new never seen before Sherlock Holmes trailer, and we were there to witness it. He and Jude Law, who plays as Dr. John Watson, were joking around before the trailer was presented. There are of course the images of Robert Downey Jr. shirtless, with a bloodied head, in the boxing match floating around, but the footage was in the actual trailer. We also got a glimpse of Rachel McAdams, who plays as Irene Adler, and boy does she not only look amazing, she is very feisty in this one. There was a huge hilarious moment in the trailer, which was at the very end when Sherlock Holmes is tied to a bed post, and is discovered by a maid. The plot is still not really understood, but it does show that Lord Blackwood is in jail early on, and asks for Sherlock by name. Sherlock and Watson meet up when trying to get through a locked door. Holmes wants to pick the lock, being the smart investigator that he is, and Dr. Watson just wants to kick the entire thing down. The boxing scene was shown to have a lot of slo-motion effects, and the entire movie is centered around being a comedy. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. may just pull this off, after all, Downey was absolutely amazing in Iron man.

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