17 Apr 2009
Cohen Dodges NC-17, Bruno To Be Rated R
Given an NC-17's power to effectively cripple a movie, it was crucial for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen to land an R-rating for Bruno, his follow-up to 2006's smash hit Borat. And thankfully, he's been able to. After originally receiving the NC-17 following the MPAA's first review, Cohen agreed to recut his film to suit the ratings board after concerns over "several sexually explicit scenes." ...Really? Worse than Borat's naked wrestling scene that they decided only deserved an R? Either way, it's a big victory for Cohen, who was likely contractually obligated to turn in an R-rated movie for Universal. And better he cut it down then them, right? The movie's "pervasive strong and crude sexual content, graphic nudity and language" hits theaters July 10th.

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