20 Apr 2009
Zac Efron A Box Office Winner, Again
It's official: teenage girls have taken over the box office. For now at least... A week after they pushed Hannah Montana: The Movie to a $32.3 million opening and weekend win, they've done it again with 17 Again, the body-swapping Zac Efron vehicle. And while Efron couldn't quite match Miley Cyrus' drawing power, the High School Musical star still earned Warner Bros. and New Line a tidy $24+ million this weekend. That proved more than enough to take first place away from the adult-skewing thriller State of Play and its $14 million finish. More or less in line with expectations so far, it'll be interesting to see if Play fades quickly like so many of last year's politically-themed movies (ahem, Body of Lies...) or actually manages to benefit from strong reviews and word-of-mouth and turn the tide. Elsewhere, Crank: High Voltage fell way short of Lionsgate's hopes for the sequel to the '06 cult hit, finishing with only $6.5 million and a disappointing 6th place.

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