20 Apr 2009
Father Of Slumdog Millionaire Star Arrested!
The father of the Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali was arrested today by India Police, because he tried to sale his daughter for $300,000. Rubinas mother Kurshida learned about this early this morning when her other daughter told her that good ol' Daddy was trying to sale her sister! Apparently Rubina's father, Rafiq Qureshi, had plans to sell his daughter to a Dubai Sheikh. The Shiekh's wife was no longer able to have children, and since he had a ton of money, he wanted to adopt the oscar winning movies main little girl, so he approached Rafiq and offered him 300k. Rafiq Qureshi, the one who tried to sale his daughter, claims he did not do this, and is saying he was offered a lot of money but immediately said no and left with his daughter. However, there has been video footage of a setup released, and this guy really did try to sale out his daughter, what a punk! What punishment do you think he deserves?

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