21 Apr 2009
Columbia Moves Quickly On Third Da Vinci Code Movie
Columbia must like what they're seeing with Angels and Demons, because even though the movie doesn't hit theaters for another month, the studio is jumping at the chance for a third film in the series. With Dan Brown set to release his next installment in the "Da Vinci Code" series, "The Lost Symbol", on September 15th, Sony is getting a head start on negotiations for a third film - they own the rights to Tom Hanks' Robert Langdon character, which means they also get the first crack at any new Langdon-starring titles from Brown. Sure, they could've waited until Angels and Demons opens, but after The Da Vinci Code took in $758 million worldwide in 2006, do you really blame them for wanting to lock The Lost Symbol up as soon as Brown typed "The End" on his manuscript? I sure don't.

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