21 Apr 2009
Break Out The Gloves: Christian Bale Joins David O. Russell's Fighter
It's a match made in heaven: owners of the two most famous on-set rants in recent history, Christian Bale and David O. Russell, will be joining forces for The Fighter. I guess Russell heard Bale's Terminator meltdown and thought "I like this guy's style"... Or at least that he'd make for a more worthy adversary than Lily Tomlin. Either way, Bale will be bailing out a production in trouble after Matt Damon, then Brad Pitt, then director Darren Aronofsky all moved on following a string of delays. The one constant in all this has been Mark Wahlberg, who's been rigorously training to play the part of Boston boxer "Irish" Mickey Ward. The Fighter chronicles his real-life Rocky-like rise to fame thanks to the help of his half-brother trainer Dicky Eklund, a former promising boxer himself before he turned to a life of drugs and crime. Bale will reportedly play Dicky, which means after months of uncertainty surrounding the project, we now know this much: at least if the movie isn't entertaining, the shoot sure as hell will be. Share
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