21 Apr 2009
Fox Finally Realizing Audiences Will Go To Movies Year-Round
We've all been there - you want to see a movie, but there's just nothing out. That's because studios have historically treated January to March as a dead zone, preferring to release their bigger pictures in the more traditional summer months or holiday weekends. But with key summer release dates getting more crowded than ever, otherwise appealing movies are just getting lost in the shuffle. And with the massive success of Paul Blart, Taken, and Fast and Furious (among others) proving that audiences don't just go into hibernation after January 1st, some studios out there are starting to take note. Variety is reporting that Fox has decided to shuffle 3 of its high-profile titles into less-than-high-profile slots hoping for similar success. They've announced the Dwayne Johnson family film The Tooth Fairy will be moving from November 13th to January 22nd, and that the Steve Carell/Tina Fey comedy Date Night will open April 9th. Fox had already set the fantasy-adventure young adult adaptation Percy Jackson for February 12th. "It's better sometimes to open a big movie when there is less competition," Fox President of Distribution Bruce Snyder said. And because anything that passes for common sense out of movie studios these days could be considered a revelation, Fox deserves some credit for grasping this basic concept. Congratulations guys - we're giving you all a gold star. Share
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