21 Apr 2009
Dolph Lundgren Tells About His Character On "The Expendables"
I would imagine there are a ton of Dolph Lundgren (ahem) Ivan Drago fans out there, and when we told you a couple of weeks ago that he was the next cast member in Sly Stallones action packed movie The Expendables, well your hearts probably melted. Well guess what, we talked to Dolph recently, and he told us a little secret! When we talked to Dolph, this is what he said, word for word. "My character is a mercenary who's part of Slys team. He's kind of a victim of the violence. He ends up getting fired by Stallone, but later on in the film, bent on revenge, Lundgren's character returns. There's a showdown between me, him (Sly) and Jet Li." This movie is going to kick some major ass, and we cannot wait until the screener is here so we can view it! Do you think it will top Rambo? Share
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