21 Apr 2009
Is Simon West Casting Jason Stathem For Charles Bronson Remake?
Looks like Jason Statham has all but taken the crown as the leading action man. He has his own franchises (The Transporter, Crank) and has already made his mark on remaking some classic pictures as well (Death Race, The Italian Job). Now he’s looking at remaking a classic Charles Bronson picture, with the aid of Con-Air director Simon West. For those not familiar with The Mechanic, the movie being targeted for remake, the story follows an older hitman who meets a younger man looking at getting into the game. Presumably Statham would take on the older hitman role, and I’m curious as to who would be targeted to play the protégé. According to Production Weekly, West is in talks to direct the remake. The director is no stranger to action, although I prefer his Con-Air over Lara Croft: Tomb Raider or his; When a Stranger Calls remake. Still, it could be interesting to see what West and Statham could do remaking the early ‘70s Bronson flick. Share
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