22 Apr 2009
The Goonies 2? Could It Be True!?
None other than Corey Feldman told us that yesterday he met with Empire Magazine, as well as the entire cast of The Goonies, including director Richard Donner and producer Steven Spielberg, for a photo shoot and interview for the magazines 20th anniversary. Not only did the cast meet for the interview and photo shoot, but Feldman also had this to say: "We even did a group interview on camera exclusively for Empire, where we all reminisced about the amazing times we shared together making the film, a few unheard Goonie secrets, and reflected on our collective love for the film and hopes for its future." This isn't the first time Feldman or his fellow cast have hinted at a remake of The Goonies. I suppose only time will tell. Do you think The Goonies will have a remake or part 2? Share
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