23 Apr 2009
What's Going On With Sin City 2?
Despite the Weinstein Company quickly squashing online reports a few weeks ago that their rights to a Sin City sequel had lapsed, those pesky rumors are popping up again - leading many to believe the long-in-development Sin City 2 is officially up for grabs. At the time, TWC attorney Bert Fields said "[The company's] rights to produce sequels to 'Sin City' remain intact as they always have been" and Wednesday the studio stood by that statement. But now producers are confirming that they have been shopped the rights to the project by representatives for Frank Miller, who created the popular comic and co-directed the first film with Robert Rodriguez. After Sin City debuted to critical and audience acclaim in 2005, a sequel seemed like a sure thing. But after years spent languishing in Development Hell, it sounds like Miller's fed up with the lack of progress (which as of just last week seemed to actually be moving again). Of course, none of that matters unless TWC's rights have actually lapsed and despite the he said/she said back-and-forth, that appears to be the case. One way or another, this can only be a good thing for fans: either the Weinstein Company finally steps up to the plate and gets moving on the heavily-anticipated sequel, or somebody else is going to get the shot instead. Which is presumably exactly what Miller wants.

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