1 Apr 2009
How Can Fox Searchlight Save Wolverine?
Well if you haven't heard the news then you'll hear it first here. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked today on the internet, and the guys over at FOX are going ballistic and trying to figure out how that happened. This can single handily ruin the sales of the show, because it's released before it has even hit theaters...So what does this mean? Fox can't really do much, since Wolverine is set to debut in theaters next month, however, they do have on trick up their sleeve that could just save this release. There has been a TON of talk about the movie "Avatar", and FOX said there will not be a trailer for this movie at all, until a month before the debut. FOX is now thinking about putting that massive trailer right in front of the movie Wolverine, to try to save it. People would actually pay to see that trailer alone, and probably walk out of the theater, yes, it is that popular!

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