24 Apr 2009
It's Official: Rodriguez Really Is Doing Machete Movie, Predator Reboot
This makes two fake Grindhouse trailers turning into real movies now... After Eli Roth revealed his plans to do a feature-length Thanksgiving last week, now Robert Rodriguez has confirmed he's already got a start date for Machete. So Rob Zombie, what's the holdup with Werewolf Women of the SS? Like the Grindhouse trailer it's based on, Machete will star frequent Rodriguez collaborator and certified badass Danny Trejo as the blade-wielding antihero. Rodriguez, who wrote the script, will co-direct the film with longtime editor Ethan Maniquis in Austin starting in June. The Sin City director also confirmed he'll be tackling Fox's Predator reboot, to be called Predators and be based off a script from Rodriguez - and also guaranteed to be at least three times as good as Aliens vs. Predator 2. Oh yeah, and he also told those in attendance at his Troublemaker Studios press conference he's got "a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons" too... Share
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