24 Apr 2009
Seth Rogen, You're My Hero
Despite noticeably slimming down for The Green Hornet, which is set to hit theaters summer 2010, brand new A-lister Seth Rogen maintains he doesn't want to become a Hollywood action hero. He just wants to keep making funny movies. He told FHM: "Just the other day I was offered a big part in the new action film by the director of The Day After Tomorrow. But I don't want to become the kind of superstar who parties all the time, does coke and throws up in the back of a limo. And the idea of me being seen as a sex symbol makes me feel sick. For me, my main goal is simple, to write the kind of comedy that me and my friends would instantly throw money down to see." The movie Rogen's referring to is most likely Roland Emmerich's proposed Fantastic Voyage remake, which is currently listed as in pre-production on IMDB. The blockbuster disaster director who became famous with Independence Day has another end-of-the-world movie in theaters this year called 2012. Still, it's refreshing to hear this kind of thing from Rogen, who obviously cares more about the quality of his work than the fame and success it affords him. So as far as I'm concerned Seth, you can throw up in as many limos as you want. Share
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