26 Apr 2009
Bioshock Now On Hold
Last week we told you that Gore Verbinski was abandoning the next installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to make Bioshock, but now Bioshock is on hold. Production on the film has stalled, due to disagreements over the budget. Universal has gone so far as to start laying off production staff, hired to work on the film. Verbinski’s latest budget estimates have risen, putting the cost of making the film at $160 million. At that price, Universal is suddenly less interested in getting it done. That doesn’t mean they aren’t making it, word is that Universal and Verbinski are looking for ways to cut costs. Shooting in London for instance, may be an option. Verbinski still insists they’re making it, but for now though, the movie’s on hold. In short, Hollywood doesn't like making movies about video games because they don't seem to work, and people don't like going to watch video game movies because the budget is so low the movies are retarded looking. Do you think video game movies are good? Share
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