27 Apr 2009
Obsessed Beats Out Box Office Competition
Never underestimate the lure of a cat fight... "Seinfeld" knew it, and now Hollywood does too after Ali Larter vs. Beyonce beat out Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum's fight club and even the Earth itself at the box office this weekend. Obsessed's estimated $28.5 million well outperformed even the most optimistic of expectations, as the film's already recouped its under $20 million production budget. The rest of the weekend's new releases had a little more trouble though as 17 Again managed to stay in second place with $11.6 million. Fighting made it close, taking in $11.4 and also exceeding studio expectations for the film. Same goes for Disney's nature documentary Earth - even though its $8.6 million weekend gross was only good enough for 4th, it's the best domestic opening ever for a nature documentary, along with one of the top openings of all-time for a documentary. In fact, despite the big drop-off after #1, the only new release that underperformed this weekend was The Soloist, a former awards season hopeful that somehow managed to find itself on the losing end of the late April weekend despite boasting two big-name stars. The explanation? As a studio source told me, the movie just plain wasn't very good. Sorry Robert Downey Jr., can't win 'em all.

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