27 Apr 2009
Odysseus Movie Described As "300 Meets Taken"
Ah Hollywood... The only place where you can paraphrase centuries of Greek mythology in a pitch and it still gets reported that you "came up with the story." I wonder if Homer will get a "Story By" credit too. Regardless, Warner Bros. has won the bidding war on Odysseus, which will center on the legendary hero and king of Ithaca "who returns to his island after 20 years of fighting the Trojan Wars, only to find his kingdom under the brutal occupation of an invading force. Odysseus single-handedly defeats every last man and takes back his wife, his son and his kingdom." In typical Hollywood speak that translates to "something akin to 300 meets Taken," as the film will reportedly be a relentlessly bloody revenge tale rather than your typical swords-and-sandals epic. It also puts the WB back into the (potentially lucrative) ancient Greek game following its Clash of the Titans remake that's about to begin production. Jonathan Liebesman (best known for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) will direct from a script by Nights in Rodanthe writer Ann Peacock - because apparently nothing leaves you better prepared for bloody revenge than writing a Richard Gere romance. Share
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