27 Apr 2009
Jackie Chan Signs On For His 100th Movie
Yes, it's hard to believe Jackie Chan is already on his 100th movie, considering how many times its seemed like he's just made the same movie over again. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Chan is set to celebrate his 100th film with Chinese Zodiac, an action movie he'll star in and co-direct. The plot sounds an awful lot like a Chinese National Treasure, as the plot involves Chan going on "a series of treasure hunts across the globe that are intricately linked with one of the major events in Chinese history." Thankfully though, Nicolas Cage and a map on the back of the yuan won't be involved (at least not yet). The idea reportedly came to Jackie six years ago, but this is the first chance he's gotten to work on it. Hey, when you've made 99 films, you're probably a pretty busy guy... Share
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