27 Apr 2009
Report: Wolverine Movie To Have "Multiple Endings"
In Fox's never-ending quest to convince people to please, pretty please go see X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters instead of just downloading the unfinished bootleg, director Gavin Hood told press that "they've hidden multiple secret endings on different prints." The cherry on top? Different theaters will be showing different versions. FirstShowing is reporting that while Hood didn't say how many Easter egg endings there would be, the one they screened for press involved Ryan Reynold's Deadpool, who Fox is hoping to tab for a spin-off film. Otherwise, Hood explained that the difference between the finished product and the leaked work print "were 400 unfinished visual effects shots and that there was no score, unfinished sound mixing, and unfinished coloring. However, he didn't mention anything about differences in footage." So if you've watched the leaked print, tell us: does this news convince you to go see the movie in theaters too - or will you just wait until the so-called secret endings start popping up on YouTube instead?

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