29 Apr 2009
Oliver Stone Headed Back To Wall Street
Yup, greed is still good according to Hollywood... And greed means taking on as many remakes, reboots and sequels as the market can handle. The latest? Wall Street 2, with Oliver Stone returning to direct and Michael Douglas back in the role that won him an Oscar in 1987. After Indiana Jones 4, Shia LaBeouf will reportedly be coming along for this 20-year-old sequel too, but I think it's safe to assume he won't be swinging with any monkeys this time. Instead, he'll play a "younger upstart looking to navigate the shark-tank world of today's Wall Street," guided by - who else? - Douglas' Gecko. 21's Allan Loeb apparently turned in a strong enough script to lure Stone, who had been lukewarm on the idea of a Wall Street sequel for years. And while audiences keep complaining about Hollywood's lack of originality, so far they haven't been putting their money where their mouths are, which could mean big returns for Wall Street 2. Tell us: are you interested in seeing a Wall Street sequel from Stone or has the controversial director lost his relevancy? Share
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