1 Apr 2009
Kevin Spacey Is Producing And Directing His Own Movie
You haven't seen Kevin Spacey in a movie since his role in "21" (2008) where he played an MIT professor teaching mathematical gifted students how to scam Las Vegas in blackjack. That is because he has been working on his new movie where is the main character, director, and producer. The movie is called "The Father Of Invention." The movie is about Spacey, who plays an inventor how creates a device that makes him a billionaire. After a couple of years, the device has a horrible flaw, and Spacey is put into prison for eight years. Upon release, he is penniless, and is determined to get his reputation of a great inventor and good man back. Kevin Spacey is a great actor, there is no denying that. Just see American Beauty. Spacey nails characters where he plays a genius, so this movie will more than likely succeed. Share
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