1 May 2009
Keanue Reeves Involved In Drug Cartel?
Wow, Dude, Keanu Reeves may soon head to Columbia. Prodution Weekly says he’s in negotiations to star in Cartagena as an undercover agent infiltrating Columbian drug cartels. A dangerous business, with the recent drug/gang related violence escalating south of the border. My question is: How does a whiter than white Keanu pass as a Columbia drug lord? Sweet Jesus please tell me he’s not getting a mystic tan and slapping on a bushy mustache to play a Mexican who becomes ill due to the Swine Flu. You’re no Robert Downey Mr. Reeves. Stick with figuring out some unbelievable MacGuffin which forces the cartel to accept you as one of their own despite the color of your skin. That this always works in movies, even though it’d probably get you a bullet in real life… gringo. Share
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mishah anderson says at 4 May 2009, 10:13 pm (EST):
Works for moi.