7 Feb 2013
Sponsored Video: Bud Light Lucky Chair
Bud Light might have gotten a gift from the Super Bowl's power outage. When the lights went out, its "Lucky Chair" ad played in between sportscasters live reporting on the confusing situation. And then, when the third quarter recommenced, the ad played again.

A 30-second Super Bowl spot went for an average of $3.8 million. "Lucky Chair," created by Translation and starring Stevie Wonder as a voodoo priest, was 60-seconds. Maybe the ad was set to run in case the game went into overtime, maybe it was the next spot in line and CBS decided to replay it in case viewers turned away during the blackout, or maybe Bud Light got special treatment since Anheuser-Busch is the official beer of the NFL. Either way, the ad got to play in front of one of the biggest television broadcasts of the year ... twice. The same ad usually never plays more than once in the game.

The commercial ends with the Twitter hashtag #HereWeGo, continuing campaign they started last year with a commercial featuring a dog named Weego, that fetches Bud Lights for anybody who udders the phrase “Here we go”. Obviously the “Here we go” catch phrase is working if Bud Light is choosing to run it year after year. We'll get back to you when we get more information. Anheuser-Busch didn't immediately respond to an email for comment. Bud Light always has a strong presence at the Super Bowl, with ads we all remember for some time. This year featured kids, seniors, girls, geeks, animals, and furniture, with comical commercials, pride instilling commercials, and even a tear jerker (also by Bud Light). Do your superstitions have a lasting effect on your teams? Watch the ad below:

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