2 Apr 2009
The New Hangover Trailer: No, Seriously... What Happened In Vegas?
Even though director Todd Phillips' career took a serious nosedive after his smash hits Road Trip and Old School (remember Starsky & Hutch?), his next movie The Hangover looks promisingly enough like a return to the good ol' days. After impressing the Internet with a short teaser trailer a few weeks ago, Warner Bros. has just premiered a new extended trailer that gives us a better idea of what to expect from this Vegas-set comedy: funny. Watch it below.
Starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, and Justin Bartha, The Hangover tells the story of four friends who drive to Las Vegas for a blow-out bachelor party they’ll never forget. But, in fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can’t remember a thing - and the groom (Bartha) is nowhere to be found. With no clue as to what transpired and little time to spare, the trio must retrace their hazy steps and all their bad decisions in order to figure out where things went wrong and hopefully get Doug back to L.A. in time to walk down the aisle. The Hangover hits theaters June 5th, 2009 - remember it.

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