4 May 2009
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Will Have A Part 2
Yes, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is getting a sequel, not that you should be in the least bit surprised. I’m certainly not. There’s been like 9 Friday The 13th movies, 28 Olsen Twin straight to DVD endeavors and even hundreds of cases of swine flu. Yup, everything gets a damn sequel, but this one isn’t even pretending to be about anything but the money. According to Variety, all systems are a go even without a writer, director or anything more than a vague premise. Apparently it’s going to involve samurais. Great. Clear Tom Cruise’s schedule, maybe Forest Whitaker’s too. Ha. Bet you didn’t think you’d get a Ghost Dog: Way Of The Samurai reference in this story, did you? I find this news offensive on several levels but mostly because of how casually Variety reported this whole thing. Blame them, blame the machinery of Hollywood, blame Bill Buckner, for God’s sake, blame someone. “The Seed partners have begun planning the sequel, which they are squarely focusing on the samurai storyline originated in the comic series, and whose Japanese locale was teased after the film's final credits. A writer has yet to be hired. Seed will produce.” See how nonchalant the whole thing is?

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