2 Apr 2009
Megan Fox Is An Angel
Yes, that's right, the world's sexiest actress, Megan Fox is going to be trading in the low-cut tops for a set of wings for her next movie Passion Plays, where she'll star opposite comeback kid Mickey Rourke as - what else? - a real-life angel. Written and directed by Mitch Glazer (who hasn't done all that much since 1988's Christmas comedy Scrooged), Rourke will reportedly play a down-and-out trumpet player in 1950s LA who finds redemption after attempting to save Megan Fox's character from a gangster. I'm assuming he fails - kicking the whole angel thing into gear. Sure, another down-on-his-luck character isn't much of a departure from The Wrestler for Rourke but hey, I say if it works, run with it. But we all already know Rourke can act, it'll be a lot more interesting to see how Megan handles a more serious dramatic role. You know, one that doesn't involve shouting at 50-foot tall robots... Share
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