2 Apr 2009
Which New Robots Are In The New Transformers?
Speaking of robots, the new lineup for Paramount's heavily-anticipated follow-up Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is finally starting to come into focus via USA Today. Promising a whole new cast of metal characters and "surprises" for fans both young and old, expect to see some familiar names in some entirely different configurations. Most notably, that means fan favorite Ravage (pictured above) will no longer be changing into a cassette tape for the big-budget sequel - and you can blame those dang kids and their iPods says screenwriter Roberto Orci: "Rather than trying to hold onto a notion as antiquated as an audiotape, which some members of our audience have maybe never laid eyes on, we wanted to go a new way." That new way means fellow Decepticon Soudwave will still appear as an evil communications expert - "but this time in the form of an orbiting space satellite." Other new additions to the group include twin Autobots Skids and Mudflap, "junior Transformers" who'll provide some comic relief for the kiddies and Arcee, a female robot who turns up as Megan Fox's hot pink motorcycle. And yes, as previously rumored, the Constructicons will appear, linking up to form the gigantic Devastator. According to director Michael Bay, Devastator's already got himself one fan - executive producer Steven Spielberg: "Spielberg saw it and said, 'This is (expletive) awesome!' It's always nice when you can make him swear."

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