8 May 2009
Samual L. Jackson As A Pirate!
The talented Sam Jackson is doing a pirate movie. You know, desperate impoverished people from a horrible country run by warlords who instead of doing something to fix their fucked up part of the world start robbing people from the parts of the world that have their shit together. I’d probably do the same in their position. It’s easier than going through all the shit our forefathers went through to get this government thing right. I’m no Benjamin Franklin, though I have been known now and then, to fly a kite. Some of you are probably wishing I’d go fly one, right now. The movie in question will be based on the life story of Andrew Mwangura, a journalist and ex-marine engineer who runs a nonprofit group which offers humanitarian aid to all sailors. Mwangura played negotiator between west African pirates and the owners of hijacked vessels. Lest you think he was in on it and got a piece of the plunder, he received no pay for his work and instead earned his living as a freelance journalist. Making money as a freelancer is hard, I don’t think anybody could have blamed him if he had skimmed a little off the top. It’s pretty brutal out there for journalists. Instead of skimming, Mwangura earned the trust of both the pirates and their victims, and tries to do as much good as he could to help the kidnapped crews make it out without being hacked up by some seafaring terrorist with a machete. Jackson will play Mwangura in the movie, which he’s producing through his Uppity Films company with Andras Hamori. Apparently Hamori actually flew to Africa and negotiated the rights to Mwangura’s story while he was in the middle of a piratical negotiation. It cost some rich guy $3.4 million to get his crew (and their cargo of Russian tanks) back. You’d think the pirates would want the tanks. They could use those to straighten shit out in their own country, instead of pirating. Nah, why give up killing innocents. Somebody really should show these assholes Mutiny on the Bounty. Share
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