2 Apr 2009
Exclusive Pic From Jenna Jamesons' New Movie: How To Make Love To A Woman
After being in last years movie, Zombie Strippers, it looks like the adult actress Jenna Jamesons mainstream career is finally taking off. She is in a new movie, How To Make Love To A Woman, where she plays herself. The cast is stacked with actors from the television show LOST, which include Ian Somerhalder, Krysten Ritter, Josh Meyers, and Ken Jeong (also known as the awesome Dr. Ken). The plot of the movie goes a little something like this: Josh Meyers plays a successful career man, whose life is great, except one little problem, he can't give his wife (played by Krysten Ritter) an orgasm. He tries every single trick in the book to have her achieve this, and fails. Does he ever succeed? And does getting advice from the number one adult actress in the world help or hurt him?
Above is the official trailer for the movie, and below is an exclusive image of the sexy Jenna Jameson in the movie. Click for the larger version!

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