8 May 2009
Star Trek Brought In 7 Million Thursday Night
Apparently Paramount is lowballing its potential cash cow, predicting it to come in somewhere south of Wolverine's $85 million opening weekend. I, however, remain foolishly hopeful that Star Trek will make more than $100 million this weekend. Am I crazy? Probably. Last night I gave $13 to the cause of making Star Trek a hit movie and showing support for blockbusters that are actually good. Apparently it was a pretty popular idea; Star Trek's Thursday night showings brought $7 million, topping Wolverine's take from midnight screenings just last week (Wolvy made $5 million). Of course, as Variety points out, Wolverine just had one set of midnight screenings, while Trek opened at 7 p.m. leaving time or two or maybe even three showings. Share
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