11 May 2009
New Footage For Bruce Willis' Surrogate
First it was mall cop movies, now the next big wave of similar ideas flowing out of Hollywood involves people inhabiting other bodies. First there’s Gamer with Gerard Butler, in which he’s a prisoner controlled by kids in their living rooms playing him like a video game character. Then there’s Surrogates, the latest from Bruce Willis in which he exists in a world where everyone has a robot duplicate which they inhabit from the safety of their living room. Your first look at Surrogates is here, courtesy of footage narrated by the film’s director Jonathan Mostow. Mostow’s last movie was another robot focused flick, a little thing called Terminator 3. Say what you want about it, but he really nailed some of the film’s action sequences and unlike McG he delivered a rated-R movie. If he can bring thatkind of hard-edged action sensibility to Surrogates, Willis’s next movie could be something pretty good. Share
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