11 May 2009
Who Will Play As Green Lantern?
By the end of this year, with Terminator: Salvation and Avatar both coming out, Sam Worthington is bound to be a big star. So it's not a question of whether or not he'll have a career after this, but which high-profile director will snag him for their project. And though Bradley Cooper has been rumored to be the likely pick for the role, Worthington says he's still in touch with director Martin Campbell about signing on as the Green Lantern. ‘’I’ve been talking to Martin Campbell about it," Worthington told Moviehole. ‘’It’s one of those things where they’re still doing the script. I said, “Give me a script. Let me have a look at it.” I like Martin a lot. I met him on the Bond stuff, and I like his work, but the second step is, “Is it a movie that I’d go and see?” Share
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