2 Apr 2009
Hannah Montana The Movie (2009) Set To Break Records
When I say records, I mean records of little girls under the age of 12 to attend a movie. Miley Cyrus, who is the actual Hanna Montana character, is only 17 years old and is rumored to be making over 2 million dollars a week. Here is something you probably didn't know, when Miley Cyrus auditioned for Hannah Montana, she was originally given the part of Lily Turscot, played by Emily Osment. Another interesting note to add, Miley didn't even get vocal lessons until 2007, which was an entire year after Hannah Montana the television show was released. The reason she received the lessons is because Disney (the producer of the hit series), realized there is huge potential in having Miley Cyrus sing in real concerts. This was all noticed after millions of the Disney CD Soundtrack sold, primarily to a very young audience.

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