14 May 2009
Lindsay Lohan As A Scientist? You Gotta Be Kidding
Here’s a shocker: Lindsay Lohan hasn’t given up acting. I’d assumed she was pursuing a new career as a cocaine sniffing whore by now. Not so. She’s set to star in another movie, her first since 2007 when she courted Academy Awards with the triple threat of Chapter 27, Georgia Rule, and I Know Who Killed Me. Her new one is called The Other Side, and the Oscar buzz starts right now. In it, she’ll play a grad student who spends her summer working at a scientific institute. The scientific institute, as they all are in movies, is located on a remote, mysterious island where she discovers “eccentric” characters hiding a secret tragedy. Lohan is of course, totally believable as a scientific research assistant working for The Other Side equivalent of Dr. Moreau. Or if not believable, at least she’ll look really hot in a lab coat, especially with a well chosen pair of librarian glasses. Share
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