14 May 2009
Al Pacino To Star As Leading Man In Blinks
Even though everyone in the world seems to have read [tag]Malcolm Gladwell[/tag]'s mega-bestseller Blink, it never seemed like the kind of book that ought to become a movie. A nonfiction tome about how people make split-second decisions? Oh yeah, that's cinematic. But [tag]Leonardo DiCaprio[/tag[ optioned movie rights to the book years ago, Syriana writer and director Stephen Gaghan signed on to write and direct it, and now it seems that Al Pacino will be taking the starring role. This is all according to THR's Risky Business Blog, which says that [tag]Pacino[/tag] will play a New York financier, and a star with "tween appeal" will play his son, who realizes he's good at making those split-second decisions that Gladwell addresses in the book. How will this be turned into an actual movie plot? Pacino's character will use his gifted son to make extra money on Wall Street, and presumably in the end, all of them will learn a lesson. Share
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