2 Apr 2009
Sacha Baron Cohen Has Another Hit On His Hands: Bruno!
The creator and main actor in the movie Borat, Sasha Boaron Cohen, is back again, this time as a gay man named Bruno, who is a Flamboyant Austrian fashionista, who has come to America to show he is very gay and wild fashion sense. All of the Borat fans are going to love this one, and the ones that didn't like Borat, may end up liking this one. Below is the just released trailer, which probably offends a lot of gays, but at the same time, makes every single one of us laugh. I don't have to describe what is going on in this movie, as you can plainly see from the trailer above. This movie is going to be over the top hilarious, and this character Bruno may just surpass the popularity of Borat.

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John says at 3 Apr 2009, 11:20 am (EST):
This could be epic!