24 Mar 2009
New ‘Astro Boy’ Trailer Blasts Off and Whatnot
The folks at Summit Entertainment have released a new trailer. for the upcoming IMAGi entertainment animated adventure Astro Boy via my favorite alien hostile takeover service, Hulu. And like any good hostile takeover device led by aliens that look like Alec Baldwin and Seth McFarlane, Hulu offers the option for embedding its videos, which I have done below just for you. Directed by David Bowers, the CG-animated big screen adaptation features the voices of Freddie Highmore, Nicolas Cage, Kristen Bell, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy, Eugene Levy, Matt Lucus and Donald Sutherland. Astro Boy follows the adventures of a young-yet-powerful robot who, in the hopes of winning his inventor-father’s heart, sets off on a quest to rid the world of evil. However, he soon discovers that his home, Metro City, stands on the brink of destruction, and it is up to him to save the day as well as his friends and family. My first thought is that this trailer is pretty cool and the animation looks super sharp, falling right in line with the other work we’ve seen from IMAGi, namely TMNT. This could very well make for a nice family friendly animated experience, assuming the story doesn’t drive it into the ground. But that remains to be seen — for now lets just enjoy shiny visuals and CG-infused explosions of awesome. Oh, and one final thought — is it just me or does Nicolas Cage’s animated hair (as Astro Boy’s creator/father) look just as ridiculous as his live-action hairdo? Astro Boy hits theaters on October 23, 2009. What do you think of the Astro Boy trailer?

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