19 May 2009
Vampires Keep Coming!
Edward Cullen in the fourth installment of the Twilight series? Yea you heard it. Robert Pattinson confirmed that there is a fourth installment of Vampire fanchise in future but due to his hectic schedule no exact time has been set up for the shooting as of yet. He talked to Hollywood reporter in Cannes Film Festival. the fourth movie of Twilight series is based on "Breaking Dawn", written by Stephenie Meyer in her "Twilight" series. Like the two other "Twilight" saga novels, "New Moon" and "Eclipse", this book follows the romantic story between mortal girl Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen. This time around though, the story centers on Bella and Edward's marriage and her subsequent pregnancy. Share
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Elizabeth rosa says at 21 May 2009, 8:11 pm (EST):
I will love to see new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn because it will be alsome and if they fired robert pattinson i will never watch those moive ever!!!!!!!!