30 May 2009
Even Alien Gets a Prequel!
WTF? Who cares about the origin of Alien the most disgusting creature in Hollywood? All we know they come to earth, they make a mess and either they die or leave and come back again to get into a fight with another creepy creature right in our back yard!! I know this for sure that Hollywood is running out of ideas and they seems just recycling the old movies, rebooting old forgotten franchises and the stories that worked for old generation and want to see if they work for younger movie goers. Not to be very cynical, some of the movies really do work but some are just a recipe for disaster. Carl Rinsch is going to direct it....Carl Who? Yea you heard it, he has only two short movies in his credit which he wrote and directed in 1994 and 1996. Probably the only hope for this crapy idea is Ridley Scott the director of original Alien is behind it as the producer. That being said I would like to raise this question here, "What movie do you like to see as a reboot, remake, sequel, or prequel? Share
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