1 Jun 2009
Bruno Messes with Eminem at MTV Movie Awards
One of the classic moment at MTV Movie Awards was when Bruno Landed on Eminem's Face! Sasha Baron Cohen dressed as Bruno was descending from ceiling in wings and the act didn't seems to be staged or if it was Slim Shady didn't know anything about it. He obviously was distressed and with the help of his bodyguards got rid of Bruno's naked butt right on his face and then stormed out of the show. Was that too much for MTV Movie Awards? Watch the video here.
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erik says at 6 Jun 2009, 2:08 am (EST):
i think that was funny n eminem didn't have to get so mad about it. It was justed a joke i gusse that he dose not know how to take a joke!!!!

eddy lopez says at 6 Jun 2009, 2:06 am (EST):
hey that bullshit bruno didnt have to do that n that waz to much for mtv movies awards