3 Apr 2009
Fox To Turn Environmental Non-Fiction Book Into Epic Event Movie
It must be nice being a Fox executive - no matter how dumb your new idea is, you know there's always someone waiting in the wings to come up with something stupider. Case in point: the studio has just bought the film rights to Alan Weisman's environmental nonfiction best-seller "The World Without Us", which envisions life on Earth if humans were suddenly to disappear. The book explores how long it would take houses and other man-made artifacts to deteriorate and what environmental impact nuclear waste and other pollutants would have. So how does Fox plan to translate this inherently non-cinematic scientific "What if?" into big-screen dollars? By making a documentary? Nope, instead they're going to cut out the science (read: the entire book) and just turn the thing into a Roland Emmerich movie. The studio has hired I Am Legend writing/directing team Mark Protosevich and Francis Lawrence to adapt the book into a big-budget event picture by "for example, show[ing] an event that would lead to man's disappearance" - something that doesn't factor into the book or its science at all. But hey, if you think that's dumb, just wait until some exec gets the bright idea to put in vampires and zombies too... Share
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