2 Jun 2009
Alyssa Milano and a Girlfriend, Boyfriend Relationship
Spellbinding witch Alyssa Milano is starring/producing a romantic comedy about a woman with a relationship dilemma. Milano's character meets two ideal men one after another and must decide between them. other casts of My Girlfriend's Boyfriend are Beau Bridges, Michael Landes, Christopher Gorham and Carol Kane. This is Milano's first feature film production after she produced her hit television show Charmed. Daryn Tufts will direct from his own script. Share
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SillyTeen says at 26 Sep 2009, 6:20 am (EST):
I'm proud to say that I'm a huge fan of Alyssa Milano, because he fabulous acting on charmed. I loved how lively she made the character Phoebe. I've recently just became a fan of Christopher Gorham, after watching him on Harpers Island. He really put a great effort in to acting as Henry Dunn, also making that great switch in the end. I'm very excited and kind of impatient to watch this new film that these two great people are making together.