3 Apr 2009
Jackie Earle Haley To Play Freddy Krueger
The Nightmare On Elm Street has found a new Freddy Krueger, and his name is Jackie Earle Haley. If you have seen Watchmen, Haley played the role of Rorschach, the masked vigilante. Talks are being finalized, and Haley is set to be the next man who scares the living crap out of the next set of teenagers. Haley has some very big shoes to fill, because the old Freddy Krueger is the great iconic Robert Englund. While you will never find anyone to replace Englund, Haley is the next best thing. The fan boys who hated Snyders "Watchmen" will even admit that Haley's performance as the psychotic maniac was brilliant, and let's not forget his role in Little Children, where he was amazing as a child molester. Jackie has played as crazy nut jobs in almost all of his movies, so he definitely knows what this role is going to take. Share
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